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Welcome to Disciples of the Light

Credit: Moonlyght

Disciples of the Light is a World of Warcraft guild located on the Fenris server.  <add more info>

Additional details regarding our guild, including raid information and policies, can be found on the menu to the left.

Other Guild News

New Posting Restrictions

warkoa, Feb 17, 11 7:55 PM.
I am aware of  the new posting restrictions in the forums, and am looking do see what our options are.

Operation: Gnomeregan

warkoa, Sep 7, 10 4:19 PM.
Operation: Gnomeregan has now begun!  Stop punting your fellow gnomes and help them take back their capital city!  The quests are a blast, and you even get a cool trinket to bring out that inner gnome in you!

Guild First Kill of Putricide 25

warkoa, Aug 1, 10 5:22 PM.
Grats to everyone on our guild first kill of Putricide 25!  May the rest of his friends soon follow.

ICC First Raid Buff Now Active

warkoa, Mar 2, 10 8:26 PM.
The first raid buff for Icecrown Citadel is now active, and gives a bonus 5% health, damage, and healing to all raid members.  This can be deactivated at Light's Hammer if you really want to.

Coming in 3.3.5 - Ruby Sanctum

warkoa, Feb 19, 10 6:46 PM.
Today it was announced that patch 3.3.5 would contain the Ruby Sanctum, which will consist of the Twilight Dragon Halion who is attempting to shatter the Wyrmrest Accord and split the factions of the Dragonflight.

Halion will be joined by servants Saviana Ragefire, Baltharis the Warborn, and General Zarithrian.

Game News

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